How lớn write bold text on Facebookwill make your status unique và fancy.Recently, there has also been a trend of young people trolling their friends by writing bold letters on FB in the comments, attracting many people’s attention.Shop owners also write bold letters on the Facebook page to lớn make advertising more attractive.You also know, by default, we cannot change the Facebook font.But we still have a way to vị this.Check out the tutorial on how khổng lồ write typography on Facebook.

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Posting cooler statuses, especially with life philosophy sentences.Retaining readers thanks khổng lồ important highlights, in Facebook groups are very effective.Messages that you send khổng lồ the group will be more noticeable because it is different from the rest of the members.

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Tool to lớn write bold text on FB

We will use the tool below of Lucid gen to write bold text on Facebook right in this article.So convenient that you don’t have lớn go anywhere else.Would you mind saving this article for future use?

Instructions on how to lớn write bold text on Facebook

UseDirectly on the web or using keyboard shortcuts
ApplyFacebook and many other social networks
How lớn usePaste the text to make it bold italic
FeaturesBold, italic, và copy

Video tutorial for writing bold and italic on Facebook

How lớn write bold text on Facebook

Please enter the text you want to bold on FB, then click theCopybuttonand paste it into the toàn thân of your Facebook post.There are 2 bold fonts for you to choose from lớn personalize your article, making it easier for readers to see what you want them to be interested in.

Lucid Gen’s bold text is with special characters, not format.So if you paste it into Facebook, it will still keep the same bold font.

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write bold text on Facebook Chat on computer

There are 2 ways khổng lồ write bold text on Facebook by phone:

Method 1:use the bold text tool on FB in the first part of this article.

Method 2:if your phone cannot use method 1, you can still make the text more prominent with the Stylish Text application.I think this application is excellent, và you will create many other beautiful fonts.

Script enabled.

Small Caps
Tiny Text (Superscript / Subscript)Mini-me / Stacked Text
Bubble Text
Square Text
Bold / Italic
Cursive Script
Double-struck (Outline)Fraktur / Gothic / Old English
Do Not Enter
Full Width / Vaporwave
Air Quotes
Line Break Tool


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Hearts / Emotion
People / Limbs / Hands
Flowers / Trees
Food / Drinks
Time / Weather
Celebrations / Holidays
Sports / Games / Activities
Clothing / Accessories
Audio / Video
Science / Technology
Reading / Writing
Business / Money
Household Objects
Maps / Travel
Symbols / Signs



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