As far as we can remember, one of the most famous anime series (which we didn’t know as anime) that made our childhood awesome was dragon Ball Z. Now the time has changed và so is the name and timeline of this anime the current timeline of dragon Ball franchise is known as dragon Ball Super. & just lượt thích its ancestors, this one also has garnered quite a lot of popularity. So as Chapter 78 has already been out now, we fans are looking forward lớn the next upcoming rồng Ball Super Chapter 79 & with days passing by fast, we have a few more days left until its release!


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Expected plot for long Ball Super Chapter 79

In the Upcoming dragon Ball Super Chapter 79, we expect khổng lồ see Gas suggesting lớn kill the Namekians, Saiyans & Granola, this chapter will see Gas attacking Goku and Granola and will easily overpower Granola easily.

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When và Where khổng lồ Watch?

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 79 is supposed to be published publicly on 20th December of this year.

If you’re a browser-type person, you can rồng Ball Super Chapter 79 officially on and for không tính phí on Manga Plus và if you’re a mobile-type person, you can read it on the Tachiyomi tiện ích for free.

long Ball Super Chapter 79 is set lớn release on December 20, 2021. Image Credit: Facebook / dragon Ball Super: Broly Country: nhật bản mô tả Japanese manga long Ball Super is one of the most popular manga that became highly popular và garnered mostly positive reviews. Long Ball Super Chapter 79 is the upcoming installment & fans are ardently waiting to know its storyline. Fans have to lớn wait long as the manga follows a monthly schedule.

In rồng Ball Super Chapter 78 we saw the continuation story of Goku"s father, Bardock. The prince of Saiyan, Goku and Granolah are listening to the story. Previously it reveals Granola was too young khổng lồ understand everything that happens around him. His mother was chased by the Saiyans Gorillas. However, she saved her in the fighting. Granolah và his mother were the last Cerealians who are saved.

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In the last chapter, He will also reveal the history of the Heeters that attacked the planet và killed Muezl. The last Namekian named Monato was saved, & he met the grand elder Namekian khổng lồ collect the rồng Ball. Sadly, the villains killed the elder Namekian too. Monato became helpless. Saiyans vs. Granolah war has ended after the old Namekian arrived.

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 78 was titled “Gas’ Wish.” The Gas suggests killing the Namekian, Saiyans, & Granolah. The chapter starts with gas attempts to attack Goku but Granolah stopped him. Although Granolah thinks of himself as the warrior of the world but he was defeated by Gas. It proves that Gas is more powerful than Granolah.

Gas gets the victory but still, he is not satisfied. He attacks Goku with a sword. Goku is defeated. Gas tells Granolah that he hates him & he will kill all of them. Goku wanted khổng lồ beat Gas, but he got trapped to lớn the ground. Rồng Ball Super Chapter 79 will focus on Granolah"s fight against Gas.

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 79 is set lớn release on December 20, 2021. Readers can also follow the raw scans, which come out one lớn two days before the official release of any manga chapter. We will keep on updating the spoilers, leaks và the summary of rồng Ball Super Chapter 79 when the manga raws or drafts are verified and translated to lớn English. It will be available in English & Spanish through both web and mobile applications.

You can read the chapters on VIZ media, Manga
Plus, và Shonen Jump"s official websites and platforms. Stay tuned to khổng lồ get the latest updates on the imminent chapter.

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