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1:"I'm sorry I didn't phone you earlier " Mary said

2:"I'm sorry I didn't attend your party" phái mạnh said khổng lồ Mai

3:"We're really sorry for saying so " They told me

4:" I'm sorry I couldn't help you ' Tom said to lớn Mary

5:"I 'm sory I didn't send you a letter " Huy said to lớn his friend


1.Mary apologized for not phoning me earlier

2.Nam apologized to Mai for not attending her tiệc nhỏ

3.They apologized to me for saying so

4.Tom apologized to Mary for not helping her

5.Huy apologized lớn his friend for not sending him a letter


Dựa theo cấu tạo câu loại gián tiếp cùng với apologize:

S + apologized + khổng lồ + sb + for (not) + Ving : Xin lỗi ai vày làm (không làm) gì

1."I"m sorry I didn"t phone you earlier " Mary said.

Bạn đang xem: Just a moment

(Rightarrow) Mary apologized to lớn me for not phoning me earlier.

2."I"m sorry I didn"t attend your party" nam giới said lớn Mai.

(Rightarrow) phái nam apologized lớn Mai for not attending her party.

3."We"re really sorry for saying so" They told me.

(Rightarrow) They apologized to me for saying so.

4." I"m sorry I couldn"t help you" Tom said khổng lồ Mary.

(Rightarrow) Tom apologized to lớn Mary for not helping her.

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5."I"m sorry I didn"t send you a letter" Huy said lớn his friend.

(Rightarrow) Huy apologized khổng lồ his friend for not sending him a letter.

Good luck!

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Put the following into indirect speech

1. The factory manager said to the employees “Don’t come late. If you do, you will thảm bại your work.”

2. “I’m sorry I didn’t phone you earlier. I was very busy,” Jill said to lớn me

3. “I’ve run out of petrol,” said the man. “Could you possibly give me a lift to the next village?” 

4. “Don’t drive through fog with only a fog light on,” he said, “or oncoming drivers may take you for a motorcycle.”

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Lớp 11 tiếng anh rèn luyện tổng vừa lòng
1.Do you know where my tennis racket, mum?
She asked....2.Our house is going to lớn be painted by a firm
We....3.Im really sorry I didnt invite her to lớn the party
I really wish....4 We couldnt drive because of the fog
If....5 I would love lớn be rich and famous
If only....6 I havent been lớn see them for over a yearit...7 Although he was not guilty, they executed him
In spite of.....8 He shouldnt ask for a pay rise anymore
If....9 If he comes, tell him Ill be late
Should.....10 We didnt go to lớn the concert last n...
Đọc tiếp

1.Do you know where my tennis racket, mum?

Travelling khổng lồ work this morning I overheard a fellow bus passenger’s phone call. His opening statement was “Sorry I didn’t call you back yesterday but I was on leave … and I didn’t have my phone”.

My mind started racing about the meaning of this innocent comment. If he really was on leave why did he feel obliged to showroom “… & I didn’t have my phone”? Or if he really was without his phone then what"s the relevance of being on leave?

We are all aware that work can be ever present in our lives as a result of sản phẩm điện thoại technology. The consequence being the distinction between our work life and our private life is more & more blurred.

Does my fellow passenger’s bình luận mean that we have given up any hope of work-life balance and we have simply succumbed to work-life integration?

Des Doyle

Des is a Master Facilitator và Coach, and Principal at IECL. To read more about Des click here

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