One of the English grammar concepts that almost all of us would have studied in our junior classes is reported speech. Having a clear understanding of reported speech helps students use sentences correctly. This article provides reported speech exercises for class 10 students.

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Reported Speech Exercises for Class 10 with Answers

Here is an exercise on the transformation of direct speech to lớn indirect speech. Go through the following sentences, work them out and then check your answers khổng lồ assess how far you have understood their usage.

Change as directed

Read the following sentences and change them into reported speech.

Mimi said, “I have been writing this letter.”I said, “Sam’s driving the car.”My uncle said, “I am cooking lunch.”My brother said, “I had already eaten.”The old lady said lớn the girl, “Where do you come from?”Jon said, “I like to play rugby.”My mother said, “I get up early every morning.”The maths teacher said, “Three divided by three is one.”Mohit said, “Switzerland is a very beautiful country.”Ruben said, “It is very cold outside.”The teacher said, “The French Revolution took place in 1789.”Uma said, “I saw a Royal Bengal Tiger in the zoo.”Luke said, “I can vì chưng this homework.”Aswini said to her mother, “I have passed the test”.Daphne said to Antony, “I will go to lớn London tomorrow.”The boy said, “My father is sleeping.”The traffic police said to lớn us, “Where are you going?”The man shouted, “Let me go.”Shivina said, “Alas! I am lost.”“I know her contact number,” said Helena.Stefen said, “My granny is making pasta.”Raj said khổng lồ Simran, “Have you ever been to lớn the National Museum?”Anish said khổng lồ Sid, “Please lend me the book.”The teacher said to the parents, “Shelly is working very hard.”Joshua said, “I have completed my assignment.”I said khổng lồ Alka, “How long will you stay here?”The child told his dad, “I want an ice cream.”Meera said, “I am not feeling well.”The teacher said lớn Vivek, “Draw the diagram of the plant’s parts.”Irin said, “I am playing the piano.”My mother said lớn me, “Help me carry this bag.”Rahul said, “My sister is very helpful.”The news reporter said, “The flight will be delayed by a few hours due to lớn heavy rains.”Urmi said to her mother, “I want a slice of pizza.”I said to lớn Daniel, “Are you reading this book?”Answers Mimi said that she had been writing that letter.I said that Sam was driving the car.My uncle said that he was cooking lunch.My brother said that he had already eaten.The old lady asked the girl where she came from.Jon said that he likes to lớn play rugby.My mother said that she gets up early every morning.The maths teacher said that three divided by three is one.Mohit said that Switzerland was a very beautiful country.Ruben said that it was very cold outside.The teacher said that the French Revolution took place in 1789.Uma said that she saw a Royal Bengal Tiger in the zoo.Luke said that he could vì chưng that homework.Aswini told her mother that she had passed the test.Daphne informed Antony that she would go to lớn London the next day.The boy said that his father was sleeping.The traffic police asked us where we were going.The man shouted to lớn them lớn let him go.Shivina exclaimed sadly that she was lost.Helena said that she knew her contact number.Stefen said that his granny was making pasta.Raj asked Simran if she had ever been to the National Museum.Anish requested Sid khổng lồ lend him the book.The teacher told the parents that Shelly was working very hard.Joshua said that he had completed his assignment.I asked Alka how long she would stay there.The child told his dad that he wants an ice cream.Meera said that she was not feeling well.The teacher instructed Vivek khổng lồ draw the diagram of the plant’s parts.Irin said that she was playing the piano.My mother asked me khổng lồ help her carry the bag.Rahul said that his sister was very helpful.The news reporter said that the flight would be delayed by a few hours due khổng lồ heavy rains.Urmi said to her mother that she wanted a slice of pizza.I asked Daniel if he was reading that book.

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Frequently Asked Questions


What is direct narration?

When the actual words/sentences spoken by the speaker are quoted in a speech, it is known as direct speech/narration.

Having a basic understanding of reported speech is necessary for students of any class or age. Solving exercises on direct & indirect speech will help them understand thoroughly and use them correctly.

When the quoted speech is reported in the size of a narrative without changing the meaning of the actual quotation/words by the speaker, it is called indirect speech. Indirect speech is also known as reported speech.

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Page 1 : dture, Cla, , & L I H O p E, , Language, , Question, , Oswaal, , Bank,, , report, the, the report, , Read, , the, Write, , blank, , Raj: Which is your, Sachin:I, , Kaj:TV, , the, , numbers., , whoe, , 2016-17 Set-79BL5Y &9KC4w, , answers, , favourite, , love to watch, , also helps, , us, , programme, , news, , to, , channels., , remember, , about (a), asked Sachin, , ., , ., , ., , ., , on, , around, , TV ?, , They make, , us, , the things easily, , aware, , as we, , Sachin answered, , of things, , watch, , that (b)., , us., , happening, , it happening, ., , remember the things, Raj, also helps them to, shared that TV, Raj, on TV, , (a) his, , sentences intoo, r, #h
Po, bởi not copy, , answer, , your, , passage., , ., , ., , to, , ., , front, live in, , of, , us., , (c)., watch n e w s channels, Iive in front af, ..happening, as, , easily as (d).., , them, , favourite programmes, , (d) he loved, made them, , they, it, (d) they watched, (c), , Read the, Sneha:, , by, , transtormngne, , omplete, correct, then ccomplete, the, dialogue and, sheet against (Board Term i, following, in your, , speech., , Q.2., , the, the, transforming, , Q.1., , Class., , CBSE, , II. Reported Speech, , 82, , Ans., , English, , aware, , conversation, , vị you, , around, of things happening, , given, , them, , passage, belowand complete the, , given, , below, , trip has been postponed?, ?, Why has it been postponed, , know that the Andaman, , Deepti: No, I didn't, , know, , tha, , conditions., to bad weather, Sneha:I heard that it is due, realised that (b)..., . .postponed. Deepti, Sneha asked Deepti (a) .., , ., , that. She asked Sneha (c).*****, (Board Term I, năm 2016 Set-OY70NZU, , Sneha told her that (d)., , Ans., , (a) if she knew that the, , Andaman, , trip had been, , (b) she didn't know, , (CBSE Marking Scheme, 2016), , (c)whyit had been postponed, , .3., , conditions., (d) it was due lớn bad weather, Read the dialogue given below and complete the, , (Board Term 1, năm 2016 Set-2W6113A), , paragraph:, , Interviewer: What are your qualifications?, Management., from the National Institute of Hotel, Candidate: I have done hotel Management, Interviewer: bởi vì you have any work experience?, Candidate: I have worked at a khách sạn reception for a year. Sir, vì chưng you lượt thích my profle,, The candidate replied that (5) ., . The National Institute, the candidate said, as lớn whether he had any experiences,, of hotel Management. To lớn the interviewer's enquiry, candidate asked respectfully (d)..., at a hotel reception for one year. The, that (c)., The interviewer asked the candidate (a) ., , . . ., , ns., , (a) what his qualifications were., , (b) he had done khách sạn Management from., (c) he had worked., , (CBSE Marking Scheme, 2016), , d) if he liked his profile., , .4. Read the conversation given below & complete the passage that follows : (Board Term 2016 Set-19TNY10), , ns., , Mahesh: Can you come lớn my house today ?, , Sathish:Sorry, Mahesh, I can't make it today., Mahesh: bởi you have any other program for the day ?, , Sathish:No, actually my dad is coming from America today & I need to lớn go to the airport lớn pick him up., , Mahesh asked Sathish (a). ., Sathish replied (b).., program for that that day. Sathish replied (d).., , ..., , ., , ****, Mahesh asked him (c) ..., , a n y Otner, , (a) whether he could come lớn his house that day., (b) apologetically that he could not make it that day., (c) whether he had., (d) that he has khổng lồ go to the airport lớn pick up his father who was returning from America., , (CRSE Markine Scheme, 201
Page 2 : WKIT, , Speaki khổng lồ her daughter affectionately, Mother (a). . Thedaughter replied affirmatively. The mother, . . . Không tính tiền then. The daughter replied affectionately, ... In, & asked (c) . . .. . The mother (d) .., surfing the net., , Ans., , (a) asked her if/whether she had finished her trang chủ work, asked her if she was, , (b), , chif she wanted her to help her with something, d) desired that she could help her, , h
Read the conversation given below & complete the passage that follows:., , Raj:What, , are, , (Board Term 1, 2016), , you angry about?, , Mother: Everything you do., Raj:Could you be a little more specific ?, , Mother: You should know by now., Raj asked his motner (a) . . ., , She replied that she was (b) ., , ., , Raj asked if (c).., , 1ttle more, , specific to lớn which she retorted that (d)., Ans., , (a) what she was angry about., (b) angry about everything he did., (c) she could be, , (d) he should have known by then., , (CBSE Marking Scheme, 2016), , 0.7. Read the following dialogue and then complete the report by transforming the sentences into reported, speech., (Board Term I, 2012 Set-EL1013), , Father: Why have you come back?, , Son:I missed my schoolbus, Father: You never get ready in time, , Son:1 shall be careful in future, The father asked his, *************s*, , The, , son, , son, , (a).., , replied, , ... The son replied that (b) . . ., , that (d)....., , ., , The father scolded him & said that (c), , in future., , Ans. (a) why he had come back, (b) he had missed his school bus, (c) he never got ready in time, d) he would be careful, Q.8. Read the following dialogue & then complete the report by transforming the sentences into reported, speech., (Board Term I, năm 2016 Set-EL1014), Daughter: Our school is arranging a trip khổng lồ Goa in summer vacation., , Mother: What are the dates of the trip?, Daughter : The trip will be between May 10 khổng lồ 20., Mother: OK., The daughter told her mother that (a) . ., C, , Ans., , ., , (a), , The mother (d).., , ., , The mother asked her (b).************ The daughter replied that, , the daughter., , their school was arranging a trip to lớn Goa in summer vacaion, , (6)what were the dates ofthe trip, c)the trip would be between May 10 to 20, , d) Said OK to, S, , Read the following dialogue & then complete the report by transforming the sentences into reported, , (Board Term I, năm nhâm thìn Set-EL1014), , speech., , Parinity: I am planning khổng lồ buy, Priyanka:Which car vì you want to lớn buy ?, a new car., , Parinity: I want to buy the latest mã sản phẩm of any popular company., , Priyanka: It is a good decision., Parinity told Priyanka that (a) . ., , Friyanka (d) . . . ., ns., , (a), , Then Priyanka asked her (b).., , a good decision., , she was planning lớn buy a new car, , (b) Which, , car did she plan, cshe wanted lớn buy the latest model of any popular company, , (d) Told her that it was, , ., , Parinity replied that (c).
Page 3 : Oswaal CBSE, , 84, Q.10., , and then complete, , Bank,, , the report, , dialogue, sheet with, the following, answer, a n s w e r in your, speech. Write your, , Engisi, , transforming, , by, , number., , correct blank, , see, , Did you, , mescore a, I, , was, , out, , Raghav:No. Actually,, cấp độ best., Unmukt: I will try, , century in my, But I, , Unmukt, , wanted, , he had been, , as, , (d), (a) if he had, , seen, , Raghav, , from, to know, Further, station., of, out, , him, , score a, , sentences, , am, , keen to, , see, , you, , .To, (a).., added that, , Raghav, , score, , this, (c), , Term, , another one, , Raghav, ., , ., , ., , ., , ., , into, , rer, , wholeoteg, opy the whole, bởi not copy, , last match ?, , ofstation., , my, , the, , (Board, , Read, , Unmukt:, , Ans., , Question, , ., , passage,, , 1, 2016:, , Set-EL1016), , in your next mabe, match., , answered, , that, , (d) .., , to lớn this Unmukt promised, , match., century in his previous, , (b) he did not, in his next match., keen to lớn see him score a century, (c) he was very, cấp độ best., d) he would try his, the sentences into reported, và then complete the report by transforming, dialogue, the, following, Read, not copy the whole pasgape, Do, Q.11., blank number., sage, answer sheet with correct, in your, your second unit tests start?, , speech. Write your answer, , Mohita: When, , will, , second week of August., Shobhita: My second unit tests will start in the, Mohita: How did you perform in your first unit test?, , Shobhita: My performance was not satisfactory., Mohita asked Shobhita (a)..., , (c), , ., , Shobhita, , replied that (b), , ., , ., , .., , in her first unit tests. Khổng lồ this Shobhita answered that (d).., , Now Mohita wanted khổng lồ know how she, ***, , Ans. (a) when her second unit tests would start., , (b) her second unit tests would start in the second week of August., (c) she had performed, d) her performance had not been satisfactory., Q.12. Read the dialogue given below and complete the report that follows. Write your answer with correct blank, number., (Board Term 1, 2012 Set-EL1018), , Grasshopper: Please give me grain., , Ant: What were you doing in summer?, Grasshopper: I was khiêu vũ in summer., Ant: Go! Dance all winter., A, , grasshopper appealed to an ant (a) ..., , replied that (c) . . ., Ans., , (a), , The ant wanted to know from him, The angry ant told (d).., . . All winter., , (b) . . .Thegrasshoppe, , give him grain., , to, , (b) what he had been doing in summer., , Q.13., , (c) he had been nhảy in summer., (d) to lớn go & dance, Read the dialogue given below and, complete the, number., , Traveller: Will you carry my, Porter: Sure Sir., , report that follows. Write, , your answer with, , correct, , bla, , (Board Term 1, 2016 Set-EL1019, , lug8age?, , Traveller:How much will you charge ?, Porter:, The, , 20., , traveller asked the porter (a)., ., , The porter replied (d) . . . ., , ..The porter, ******, , Ans., , (a), carry his luggage., (b) he would, (c) him how much he would, charge., (d) that he would charge 20, rupees., 0.14. Read the dialogue, given below & complete the, number., , replied, , that (b) ., , if he would, , Mother: Have you finished, your homework ?, , Son:, , Sorry, , mom, I fell, , asleep., , report that follows., Write, , ., , The traveller, , your answer, , kerd (o, , further as, , orrect bla, , with corr, , 1020, , (Board Term 1, 2016 Set-EL
Page 4 : RTING, &, , GRAMMAR, , Can : May I play, , bởi vì my homework?, , first & then, , Sor, , Mother: Definitely not., , The, , mother, , the, , (a) .., , son, , . ., , had, , finished, , had fallen, that he, , The, , son, , your, Bharat:, Nidhi: Yes,, , Is, , Bharat:, , Don't, , saw a, , Bharat, , liked, , *********, , (c), , dialogue, , và then, , complete, , follows., the passage that, , (Board Term, , Set-EL1021)3, , interesting?, , book, , say, , 1, 2012, , so., , class-mate,, , Nidhi,, , reading, , curious and, it. Bharat became, At this Bharat (d), , a, , in, , ., , book. He asked her (a), , inquired of her ( b ) ., , .., , ., , that, , positive, Nidhi replied, c o m m e n t e d that (c), Nidhi, , A giggling, , ..., , ., , book w a s interesting., (a) if her, , (b), , 16., , further asked, , asleep., , I lượt thích it, What is it about?, Bharat:, fool like you., about an inquisitive, Nidhi : It is, , i
S,, n., , son, , homework., first and then vày his, , Read the following, , she, , The, , his homework., , he could play, i(d)fstrongly, refused, 15., , *********, , the son's request., , The mother (d)., , he, la) if, , (b), , asked, , (b), , said, apologized and, , what it w a s, , about., , fool lượt thích him., , about an inquisitive, (c) it was, sentences into reported, her lớn say so., transforming the, (d) forbode, by, the, report, năm nhâm thìn Set-EL1014), (Board Term I,, dialogue & then complete, Read the following, , speech., , Mohit: What have you, , brought for, , Seema:Can you guess, , ?, , Mohit:, , show it?, , Why don'tyou, , Seema:I want to, , me?, , give you a surprise., , Seema asked him, , Seema ( a ) . ., Mohit asked, , (b).., , ***, , Mohit asked (c)., , *********, , Seema told that she, , him a surprise., (d).., for him., ans. (a) what she had brought, (b) if he could guess., , (c)why she did not show, , it., , (d) she wanted khổng lồ give, , 17., , (Board Term I1, 2012 Set-B3), , words., , with appropriate, by filling in, Complete the passage, this year?, in the summer break, Where will you go, Mr. Sharma, australia with my family., Iam going to, Mr. Verma, , that follows, , Mr. Sharmna, , nước australia before?, Have you gone to, , Mr. Verma, , No., , During lunch break,, further asked (c), Then, Mr. Sharma, , ans. (a), , (a).., , the, where he would go in, Australia, , summer, , break ?, , with his, , family., , he, , (c), (d), , Australia., that if he had gone to, , going to, , replied in negative., , Complete, Kunal, , Priyani, , by filling in, , follows, the passage that, been, Where have you, , I, , was, , at, , my, , ., , with appropriate words., , (Board Term I1, 2012 Set-C1), , yesterday ?, , uncle's house., , Kunal, , Oh!I came to, , Priyani, , Thank you!, , unal came to lớn Priyani's, , ****, , . . ., , (b), , was, , this year. He replied that (b)...., , esssoeeeee***, asked Mr. Verma, Mr. Sharma, ... Before. Mr. Verma (d).., , return, , your book., , her (a), house and asked, , (c)., C ....... At this priyani (d)., , ., , ., , ... Priyani replied that(b)., , Kunal told her that
Page 5 : (a), , lass -9, , where she had been the, , previous day., , (b)she had been at her uncle's house., (c), (d), , he had gone to lớn return her book., , thanked him., , Complete, , the, , paragraph, , numbers., Rahul, , that follows. Write your, , answers, , in the answer sheet with the, correct, , (Board Term I1, 2012 blank, Set-Ai, , Papa, can you suggest me a topic for a science project ?, , Father, , You, , can, , make, , a, , Rahul, , project on 'Global Warming, , Will you help me in, making it ?, Father, Sure., Rahul asked his father (a) ...., a, topic for a science project. His father told him that (b), a, project on 'Global Warming'. Rahul asked his father (c).., in making it. His father, ., (d)., (a), if he could, him., suggest, (b), , he could make., , (c), , if he, , (d), , would help hinm, assured him of his help., , Complete, , the, , paragraph, , numbers., Mother, , that, , follows. Write your, , answer in the answer, , Have you finished your homework, Chintu?, Yes, mummy. May I go out to, play with my friends, , Chintu, , Mother, , When will you be back?, After half an hour., , sheet with the correct, blant, , now?, , Chintu, Chintu's mother asked, him (a)., ..Chintu replied that he had and asked her (b), with his friends then. His mother, wanted khổng lồ know (c) ***°.***** Chintu said that (d) . ., (a), , t o pla:, , ..., , (b), , (c, (d), , *****, , if he had finished his, if he could go out., , homework., , when he would come back., he would be back after an hour., , Complete, , the, , numbers., , paragraph, , that follows. Write, your, , answers in the answer, , sheet with the correct blank, , (Board Term II, 2011 Set-C, Kunal, it is my friend, Asha's birthday tomorrow. Can, you suggest a gift I can get her?, You can gift her Chetan, latest, , Meenu, Kunal, , novel. It is quite, Bhagat's, interesting., Thank you, Kunal. I, Asha, will, hope, really lượt thích it. She is a great fan of Chetan's novels., It was Meenu's, friend, Asha's birthday the next, she should, give her. She asked her brother Kunal day. Meenu was confused as to what, , Meenu, , Meenu that (b), , (d)..., , .., , (a), , if he could, , (b), , she could, , (c), , It, , (d), , she, , was, , và added that, (c)., great fan of Chetan's novels., , **, .******, as she was a, , suggest a gift, , gift, , ****************, ., , ., , Asha., , Kunal suggested, , Meenu thanked Kunal and, said, , for., , her Chetan, , Bhagat's latest novel., , quite interesting., , hoped, , Asha would lượt thích it., the, Complete, report & write the answers in your, copy the whole passage., , Cat, , (a), , answer, , sheet, , against, , the correct blank number., , Do, , (Board Term 11, 2010 Set-, , May I eat you ?, , Rat, , No, Ma'm., at, When should I eat, When I run away, at, Aa**************, , a) if, , him, (d) with, , she, , might, , eat, , vhen he ran away., , respect, , The rat, in, , replied, , negative,, , (c), , (b), , . The, , when she should, , eat, , cat, , turther asked (, , him, td) that he, , should eu t hiat