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Sartrienne Aldraic, princess of the Kingdom of Aldraic, dreams of traveling the world -- a dangerous dream in a land where monsters roam the countryside as they please, & humans live behind high, strong walls. But when a chance meeting with traveler Mikoto gives hope lớn her dream, he shatters it soon after, as he reveals himself khổng lồ be none other than Momotaro, ruthless demon-slayer. Though horrified by the gore Momotaro leaves behind, Sartrienne is convinced more than ever that she needs khổng lồ learn about the world beyond her walls, và journeys out... Following the steps of the mysterious, charismatic, terrifying boy she met that day...
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Coolkyousinnjya is the creator of the global bestseller Miss Kobayashi"s rồng Maid, as well as the popular gag manga I Can"t Understand What My Husband Is Saying & Komori-san Can"t Decline. Their newest work is kích hoạt folktale Peach Boy Riverside.Johanne is an experienced creator of doujinshi (indie comics), whose first manga from a mainstream quảng cáo online is action folktale Peach Boy Riverside, now out in English from Kodansha Comics. --This text refers lớn the paperback edition.
ASIN ‏ : ‎ B08LZY984Y quảng cáo trên internet ‏ : ‎ Kodansha Comics (10 November 2020) Language ‏ : ‎ English File kích thước ‏ : ‎ 618727 KB Text-to-Speech ‏ : ‎ Not enabled Enhanced typesetting ‏ : ‎ Not Enabled X-Ray ‏ : ‎ Not Enabled Word Wise ‏ : ‎ Not Enabled Print length ‏ : ‎ 176 pages
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A hoard of vicious demons known as "Oni" come knocking on her doorstep, threatening the lives of everyone in the Kingdom, they are saved by a lone traveler named Kibitsu Mikoto who slays these monsters with a mysterious "Peach Eye."

In this world, Onis và humans are at war. Sally, the princess of Aldarake, meets the wandering Mikoto. Having never left her homeland, Sally longs lớn see the outside world & asks to join Mikoto on his journey. Just then, the kingdom of Aldarake is sieged by the Onis. Just when the Onis are about khổng lồ get to lớn Sally, she is saved by…

Sally begins her journey & comes across Frau, a harefolk who insists on travelling with her after receiving her help. Through Frau, Sally learns that the world discriminates against demihumans. Then, Hawthorn of the Rimdarl Knights suddenly showed up & imprisoned the two.

The Kingdom of Rimdarl is being terrorised by a Higher Oni, Sett. With her “Peach Eye” awakened, Sally takes the Oni on & gains the upper hand. Elsewhere, Mikoto has an encounter with another Higher Oni, Meki. Two wielders of the “Peach Eye” against two Higher Onis. What will be the outcome of the battles?

The Kingdom of Rimdarl is wiped out by Somenki, a Higher Oni. Witnessing the fall of his kingdom, Hawthorn is at a loss. Sally invites him lớn join them. After losing her horn và one eye to Mikoto, Carrot tags along as well. As Sally resumes her travels with new companions, she brings up what has been on her mind to lớn Mikoto——What is "discrimination"?

Sally and her companions pay a visit to lớn Hawthorn’s acquaintance, the witch Winnie. Convinced by Frau, Winnie agrees to teach Sally magic. Not long after, the leaders of the elves & the lizardfolk show up at the witch’s door. The group learns that a powerful sealed Oni, the “Tree Oni”, is about to come back to lớn life.
Sally realises that walls must be torn down and differences must be phối aside if they seek lớn live in harmony. She urges the races to lớn come together & make peace. The Tree Oni refuses and tells her why…
The group comes lớn a town. Plagued by a “vampire”, the townsfolk are extremely wary and prejudiced against demihumans. When Frau is subjected lớn discrimination, Carrot wants Sally to lớn use her powers khổng lồ teach those people a lesson, but the latter tells her that her power does not work on humans. Disappointed, Carrot finds the “vampire” và asks him khổng lồ kill everyone in the town.

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After she is killed by the vampire, Frau meets the angel, Atra, in heaven. She gains immense power nguồn upon revival và defeats the vampire. Elsewhere, Mikoto encounters Millia (Hatsuki), who seems to have lost her memories. An Oni tasked lớn capture her makes an appearance as well.
At the Hundred Oni Gathering, Sumeragi tells the Higher Onis of the threat the Peach Boy (Mikoto) poses to them. Todoroki of the eaglefolk doubts his intentions at first but soon learns that Meki (Carrot), whom he holds feelings for, has died at the hands of the Peach Boy.
Enticed by the prize money, Hawthorn joins a tournament, but the event is interrupted by Todoroki và his group terrorising the town, seeking revenge on the Peach Boy. Elsewhere, Sally is faced with a difficult decision between Mikoto và Sumeragi. Todoroki mistakes Hawthorn for the Peach Boy và attacks him. Sally tries to go khổng lồ him but is stopped by Sumeragi.
Sally tries khổng lồ get to her companions, Frau takes on Basoo, & Carrot is forced lớn battle an old acquaintance, Shinki. Hawthorn struggles against the powerful Todoroki. Just when he is prepared for the worst, a familiar figure comes to lớn his rescue.
Once upon a time, there lived an old couple in a certain land. The old man chopped wood in the mountains, & the old woman washed clothes by the river… Long story short, the Peach Boy, Kibitsu Hiko no Mikoto, was born, và he defeated the great Oni General. Happy ending. But the story does not kết thúc here. One day, Hiko stumbles upon a boy born lớn a human và an Oni…